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It all started when John was driving to Barren River Lake on a Sunday afternoon to look at boats. It was late winter, and he had spring fever! On the way there he saw a "For Sale" sign on the side of the road in front of an old, closed-down restaurant. Being curious he decided to stop and check it out. The owner was inside, and one hour and a handshake later John bought the property.

Later that night when Sebrina got home from church, John had a suspicious look on his face. He told her that he had bought something. Thinking he'd bought a boat, it was a fun and exciting surprise when John told her, "I bought a building up at the lake, and we're going to open a shop!" (No gals, this didn't shock Sebrina too much! After 30+ years of marriage she's learned to expect his crazy adventures.)

Buying the shop was the easy part; then came the work. For the next few weeks the entire family brainstormed on everything they would like in a shop. Everybody gave ideas on what they thought people needed and would want. Eventually, the family came up with Paradise Point Marketplace, "Your Ultra Hip Oasis for Lakeside Shopping and Good Eats!"

Paradise Point Marketplace has been featured in many magazines, online blogs/articles, tv shows and newspapers. Give them a look and then come check us out for yourself!



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